Well, today we ventured into Midsomer Norton, to “sell” yoga!

We set up our stall, with flyers, posters, mats, cushions and other bits and bobs we thought might vaguely be sellable and have a distant connection to yoga!

It was 8C at 830am – and as I bleary-eyed scrabbled with my foldable table I heard a gentleman with a strong and soft Somerset accent say
“When’s the demonstration, then? My wife wants to have a look, see!”
I looked up at the man and quickly realised that of course that was a fantastic idea and blurted “11am?” He looked satisfied and walked away.

As we were arranging the yoga trousers, next to the cream cakes and bacon, I pondered on how this demonstration was going to happen, did I have a spare mat, I was wearing jeans and a baggy jumper, the grass was wet and full of dog poo, was this really a good idea?

Time passed, and I forgot all about my promise, as people meandered towards our stall, curious and bemused at what we were actually selling – Peace of mind? – I’ll have 2 kilos, please! we cajoled them into a free class, why not try meditation. My mind wandered off to our gurus in the past who introduced yoga to the people, this special, secret science which had been saved for the so-called pure and high caste for thousands of years, was now being sold with fudge, bracelets and cake on a farmer’s market in Somerset!

AS Claire wrestled passers-by and charmed leaflets into their hands, she nodded at me, reminding me that it was in fact eleven o’clock. The skies were grey and the grass was still damp. There was nothing for it. I flicked my purple mat out onto the damp grass hoping to miss any poo, and got started. I automatically shut my eyes and immediately went into “the flow”, “the zone”, where nothing was audible except the beating of my own heart and nothing existed except the magical flow of the postures. The breath magically moved me deeper into each posture. AS I rose up into headstand, I became aware that the ground was on a slope and it necessitated a different balance to stay upside down, I opened one eye and became aware of a crowd staring blankly in my direction.

The rest of the asanas continued in their flow, the rain stroked my face in the shoulderstand and cooled my back in the forward bend then stopped.

AS I came to the end of the sequence, I opened my eyes and became aware again of where I was. I felt great. Mr Fudge man, said” Will you be coming again next month?, I liked watching you, very nice” and sneered a kind of Benny Hill smirk. The cheese man looked very pleased and said, ” I don’t think I could ever touch my chin to my knee, but it was nice to watch” and grinned.

The farmer on the meat stall had recently broken his arm and said he might come next week but could he some in disguise, since he was a farmer!

The man playing the mandolin in the corner said it was nice to play to your yoga. The sculptor said I’m off the weed now, but you were totally there without it!

So all in all then, maybe we did manage to sell yoga! See you at Midsomer Norton Farmers Market in November, doing asanas in my ski suit!