My first experience of yoga, was walking in frustrated, irritated and tired and walking out refreshed, chilled and happy. I didn’t know why or how, and didn’t care, as long as I got my fix, that was 15 years ago.


I quickly became curious, what happens in a yoga class, that brings about this state?


The next ten years was spent working this out, and most recently the “Yoga for the Mind” course I have been attending for a year, a rigorous, humbling and affirming course clarified in some detail the process of yoga.


I went in wanting to know why yoga works and came out convinced that it does, with a box file full of scientific research to back it up. Of course, hundreds of students and my own experience was experiment enough, but somehow understanding the mental and scientific principles behind each breath, each movement, each stretch made me more determined to use yoga as a therapy.


Which posture do we need, when we feel anxious? Which breathing technique when we are down? How do we get rid of anger with yoga?


Now I know these answers and many more, before deduced, now proven.


Watching people move from distorted in their anxiety to clear and grounded, through this course is a testimony to the power of yoga as a therapy.


I am very keen to share some of my learning and knowledge in private work, I intend to open a clinic in time in Bath, but will be offering discounted sessions at the studio in the next few months, to get started.


In 2013 I will also be offering a course for well-being, that runs for 8 weeks.


So, if you feel you would like to increase your well-being and shed anxiety, stress, low mood or anger, then give us a call. Private sessions will be on Mondays between 2 and 7. The first session will be approx. 90 mins and after that they will last for 60 minutes, and cost £40. If you book a run of 5, the full price will be £150.

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  • Sending you positive qi,as an acupuncturist the best way to relax is through yoga, and for thatI thank my lucky stars
    Wishing you mental wealth Jeannie

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