When your life feels like it is falling apart – your heart is breaking and you feel like an open wound – there is sometimes a feeling of the possibility of a burgeoning new life, a flower cracking through the pavement, the inevitability of healing.

What a miracle!

 Each year I plant countless seeds, I just can’t help myself; sweetpeas, parsnips, carrots, nameless flowers, … then i end up digging them up when I am weeding, or some are never seen again, forgotten forever. This year parsnips came up. Every year I plant parsnips and they have never come up, either been eaten by somebody or rotted and become compost – but this year I am blessed with parsnips and parsley! Who would have thought it?

Losing a beloved, letting go of something precious is excruciating. Obviously.

In yoga we experience that this beloved is always present, it is always right there, deep inside you.. we get distracted, we see it in others, where it also resides and forget that what you are hankering for, yearning for, what I miss so terribly is simply a pale reflection of the profound, immense and all-consuming love that is inside my own expansive soul. And inside yours too.

Look within and find the surprise fruit of the seed you planted so long ago. The deep expansive love. and share it with every soul, every soul mate on this planet.