In yoga there is a lovely word – dharma. I take it to mean, your purpose.

There is a concept that we are all pearls on a necklace, we all belong, and have our special place next to each other. We are part of a matrix that fits perfectly, when we are following our dharma.

What is my dharma? How do we know?

My teacher used to tell me, look at your life, – what have you always been drawn to? Where are you most comfortable (no, not the sofa!), what do others admire about you? What do you find easy, yet stimulating?

These are clues as to your dharma.

When you are doing your dharma (which may not be your job), you will feel right, in the flow and others will fully appreciate you.

The trouble is sometimes we don’t feel like we belong, like we really know what we should be doing. so, maybe take a moment, look at your life, free-flow, write some words down, cut out some pictures from magazines, or from the net and see what emerges.

The great unifying spirit is waiting for you to take your place among the greats and really shine at whatever it is, whether it is cutting hair or running the country, there is no good or bad, nor is there more or less important in this matrix, just taking your place.

Go ahead! Take your place! Feel the force behind you as you start to fulfill your potential and become truly great as a service to others and yourself.

I am excited!