In 2015 we started running a Teacher Training Course for yoga teachers and are the proud trainers of over 30 new teachers, spread far and wide, as far as Birmingham, Manchester, London, Exeter and Cambridge. Many of them stayed in the neighbourhood and are now teaching classes in the adjacent villages and towns. Our Teacher Training course has just started for this year, with another 10 happy yogis who want to spread the science of wellbeing to their communities. If this is something you are considering, please get in touch for the 2019 intake.

A few years ago, we were lucky enough to call Dunkerton Hall our own, and make it our special yogi zenden, keeping our equipment there and having all our classes in one place. Now we have grown beyond the boundaries and our teachers are reaching out far and wide. Becky Brooks runs a very successful set of classes in Weston, Radstock, Emma Farrell also runs classes at Victoria Hall in Radstock, Becky Abhaya who has grown with the organisation since it started has now started some successful classes in Frome.

The founders of the Sivananda organisation, to which we are affiliated, had the insight that people who do yoga are ”warriors of peace”, because they embody and share how to reduce stress and anxiety in their lives and those of their families. What could be more important in today’s speedy world?

Swami Vishnu-Devananda, an Army man from southern India, and one of our teachers, expressed yoga in five principles:

  1. Proper Exercise
  2. Proper Breathing
  3. Proper Diet
  4. Proper Relaxation
  5. Positive Thinking and Meditation

When we exercise in such a way that our body becomes flexible and strong, it serves us better through life and is less likely to become sick. When we can breathe deeply and completely, we tend to relax the mind and the body effectively. When we eat simple, healthy foods, we minimise our risk of deadly diseases such as cancer, obesity, high blood pressure and so on as well as caring for our planet. When we learn how to relax completely, we teach our body to come into homeostasis, where we can engage our parasympathetic nervous system to boost our immunity and nourish every level of ourselves. When these things are in place we tend to think more positively and are able to learn how to meditate, how to take some chill time and become more zen in our lives.

We want to celebrate this with you this year and explain more about yoga, so please come along to our classes on…. And look out for a very special event in the Spring!

Weekly classes at Universal Yoga – all held at Dunkerton Parish Hall:

Mondays 6.30-8pm

Wednesdays 9.45-11.15am

Thursdays 6.30-8pm