The wheel of fortune in the Tarot cards is a reminder that the wheel can be appearing to be turning upwards when you look at it from one side but it is turning down from the other. Last week we were told to leave our yoga centre within a week. It was a shock, my whole world seem to turn upside down.

I was faced with the prospect of selling my family home, my long term relationship having broken down and my work taken away from me.. my world falls apart!

Then, as so many times before, the world-wheel turns around, a new centre heralds a new beginning, a new love burgeoning on the horizon with promises of all dreams fulfilled and more, answers to questions not yet asked.  Abundant intelligent solutions. Support and love from all corners appear.

Allowing the letting go without resistance, allowing the breaking down, the powerless falling away of long held hopes and dreams, the tight fist of old dreams noticing the last grains of sand exiting effortlessly, leaving nothing to grasp onto. The hand is empty yet again and is forced to open in the beggars way.. nothing left to hold on to.

And so…with open palms, treasure by grace is poured in and heralds  yet another Spring!

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