My friend said to me, I live in two worlds, one where people are kind, empowering, compassionate and trusting and the other where fear, criticism, manipulation prevails.

When I step out of my yoga centre, I feel the same – there are two worlds – one hostile, and one friendly. I don’t like dualism, I don’t like division, I don’t like them and us, good and bad – I like us.

This fear, this mistrustful world “out there”, can it be dissolved by our own minds, can we project kindness, compassion, understanding onto a cold world and transform it?

Yoga teaches that our minds are like projectors, and the world is the screen. Does this mean we can transform the world around us by our minds?

What do you project onto your world?

Lets bring the two imaginary worlds together with our own minds. Train your mind in kindness, forgiveness and compassion and watch that “outside” world transform!!