As our third set of graduates go out into the world to share yoga, I marvel while I watch my student teacher share her yoga with my first student in her front room.

In a small village in the middle of the English countryside, among pubs, cider, fields of sheep and cows, women are sharing peace and serenity with other women. Four women walked out of my graduates house today experiencing bliss, contentment, satisfaction and fulfilment. Temporarily detached from dissatisfaction, they stride out spreading peace to their families and colleagues and the rest of the village.

Like beacons of light, they will meet adversity with courage and pain with compassion, disturbance with the oil of calm and conflict with peace. They will co-regulate the village and their far flung families today with this gift.

Yoga is embodied peace. We learn how to steer our minds away from harmful thoughts or reactions, we learn how to keep our bodies functioning well and we learn how to be of service to others.

Why would you not want this? Be a force for good – practise yoga!