All teachers are fully qualified and insured. They also undertake continuous professional development days funded by Universal Yoga in therapeutics, anatomy and other yoga traditions.

Charlotta Martinus

Charlotta Martinus  is the Course Director and CEO of Universal Yoga and has had the privilege of being trained by leaders in the field of yoga therapy and yoga; Michael Lee of Phoenix Rising Yoga in the USA, Mukunda Styles, author of Structural Yoga, father of yoga therapy, Heather Mason, CEO of the Minded Institute, author and editor of Yoga Therapy for Mental Health, Dr Uma Krishnamurti  from Bangalore, India and she has the blessing of being continuously guided by her own teacher in India, Swami Govindananda, where she continues to take courses and learn, particularly the philosophy of yoga.  Charlotta has graduated over a thousand graduates from her Teenyoga course and 70 graduates from the UYTTC which has been running since 2015. She has taught yoga since 2004 and practised since 1997, she has been a yoga therapist since 2013 when she started at Callington Road hospital, working with sectioned patients.

Her main interest is the impact yoga can have on mental health. She comes from the Sivananda tradition. She is also a Yoga Elder in the Independent Yoga Network and a Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals. Her book, TeenYoga for Yoga Therapists came out in 2018 and has sold over 2000 copies. She writes regularly for Om magazine and Yoga Journal Australia, USA and UK and speaks nationally on BBC radio and TV. Charlotta is the founder and director of Universal Yoga. In 2020 she was awarded the prestigious award of Master of Yoga in 2020 by the Yoga Alliance International. (One of 30 in the world and the first woman in Europe).

Charlotta Martinus

Becky (Saraswati)

Becky has over 12 years experience of working in both caring and teaching roles. Her background is working with people who have learning disabilities, using dance and drama to develop creative communication opportunities.

More recently Becky has been drawn to work with holistic therapies and is trained in massage, Indian head massage and reflexology. She works intuitively enabling people to access their own healing ability.

Becky has been practising yoga for many years, which has brought her much inner peace and stillness enabling her to deal with the ups and downs of life more consciously. This path has led her to complete the Sivananda teacher training programme in 2009, where she was given her spiritual name Saraswati. She then went on to complete the Advanced Teacher Training in 2012 in Orleans, France.

As a yoga teacher she works intuitively aiming to allow people to unlock their potential through a deep meditative practise, which allows one to enter into a place of stillness and inner knowledge.

Matthew Vasistha Dixon

Matthew developed his passion for yoga and the science of yoga within the first few weeks of his introduction to the practice, and in many ways yoga is now deeply embedded in his way of life. On discovering the dramatic positive effects that come with a regular practice, Matthew was drawn to experience and experiment with many aspects of yoga including: asana (physical practice), kirtan (singing), meditation, lifestyle, philosophy and scriptures. It wasn’t long before Matthew found himself (excuse the pun!) on the Universal Yoga Teacher Training Course.

For Matthew, yoga is very much about finding contentment and peace within the chaos of life and sharing that peace with others. He is very grateful for all the benefits that yoga has brought him and his wish is simply to give others the opportunity to enjoy the same.

As well as teaching locally, Matthew also runs drop-in yoga classes twice a week for his office staff. His classes combine asanas from the Sivananda Rishi series with others that fit the theme of the day, plus pranayama (breathing-techniques) and some self-reflection and mindfulness techniques.

Rhian Fox

A qualified TeenYoga teacher, who has been teaching yoga in schools and Universities as part of her dance teaching for many years, Rhian is currently studying for her Teacher training certificate with Universal Yoga.

Rhian’s classes aim to work with the body to create a sense of stillness and calm. She believes yoga offers the perfect opportunity to find a moment’s peace in the modern world, and to allow the body and mind a chance to re-balance. With her background in dance training and teaching, Rhian works dynamically to release tension and develop freedom of movement using the principles of Sivananda’s teachings. For her, yoga is movement into stillness, of both body and mind. Her classes are suitable for all abilities, and teens are very welcome.

All teachers at Universal are given Professional Development to enhance their rigorous Teacher Training, in subjects such as; the endocrine system, therapeutics, anatomy, pranayama and correcting techniques. We are constantly striving to learn more and deepen our knowledge and understanding of yoga to continue to serve you in the best way possible.

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