Teacher Training and CPD

Accredited by Yoga Alliance, UK and The Independent Yoga Network, Rebekah Abhaya and Charlotta are both Senior Yoga Teachers and Yoga Elders, with over 5000 teaching hours each. IYN accredits schools which show their adherence to yoga principles such as satya, ahimsa and swadhyaya.

Universal Yoga 200 hour Teacher Training



Are you thinking of taking your yoga practise further? Would you like to become part of a heartfelt soul community? Would you like to understand more about the underlying philosophy and psychology of yoga? Would you like to understand how and why it works? Would you like to gain the discipline to have a daily yoga practise? Would you like to learn meditation and breathing techniques to stay young and healthy and increase your vitality?

Then this course is for you.

Would you like to spend some weekends with like-minded yogis in an area of outstanding beauty in Spring, Summer and Autumn?

Do you like the idea of spending a few weekends eating delicious specially cooked vegetarian meals and walking the gorgeous Cam Valley with your fellow yoga friends?

Would you like the peace of mind that your expert teachers are authentic, experienced and fully qualified in all aspects of yoga?

Would you like value for money?

Would you like your accommodation to be clean, close, sorted and included in the price?

Would you like to take a course that is accredited by the governing body of yoga, the Yoga Alliance Professionals as well as the Independent Yoga Network?

Would you like to be taught by a Master of Yoga (one of 30 worldwide)?

Would you like the peace of mind that your teachers have run this course since 2015?

Then this course is for you.

Would you like to make 2023 a truly expansive and positive experience, building your resilience, your mental strength and your immune system through deep and evidence based yoga practises?

Would you like to shake off old habits and allow for expansive growth in all areas of your life?

Would you like your teachers to be empathic, expert teachers as well as thorough practitioners?

Then you should join us.


The Universal Yoga Teacher Training Course is known nationwide as an authentic and thorough course, run by experts in their field in an area of outstanding beauty.  In 2023, we will be adding a vital ingredient – increased comfort and safety. After prolonged discussion and planning we have designed a new version of the course which will blend online learning with face to face, giving the student the post-Covid peace of mind as well as the ecological benefit of staying at home together with the joy of human interaction and touch. This means that the many students who live further afield will find it easier to join.

Our aim is to share the many different aspects of yoga with you, including; postures, breathing techniques, yoga psychology, yoga philosophy, chanting, positive thinking and meditation as well as in-depth anatomy. You can expect to feel completely ready to teach yoga and meditation after this course which has been accredited and approved by the Yoga Alliance Professionals and the Independent Yoga Network.

You have the option to carry on with our advanced trainings and support meetings after graduating as you will belong to a kind and supportive teacher group. Universal Yoga is connected with the Sivananda Peetham Yoga in Kerala, India, as well as Casa Santosha in Spain, where you can carry on your training with Charlotta’s own teachers, Swami Govindananda and Emma Brown.

The faculty consists of experts in their field, all Yoga Elders and Senior Yoga Teachers, insured and approved by Yoga Alliance Professionals, they have been trained by world leading experts themselves. Together, they have over 70 years of experience in practising and teaching yoga.



If you would like to apply for a place on the course in 2023, you will need

  • At least 3 years continuous practise of yoga (any tradition)
  • A desire to delve deeper in all aspects of yoga
  • A dedication to be present on all TTC weekends and complete individual and group assignments each month(obligatory). Please allow at least 10 hours per month for this.
  • Payment of non-refundable deposit of £500 one month after application (payment plans are available on request)
  • To be physically and mentally well.
  • Fully completed application form
  • Read and understood our terms and conditions and our prospectus
  • Successfully completed an interview with either Rebekah Abhaya or Charlotta Martinus to ascertain your suitability for this course.



Application Process

  • Read Prospectus
  • Download application form from the website and email to info@universalyoga.co.uk
  • Zoom call with Charlotta or Becky
  • Decision taken within a week based on interview and application
  • Pay non-refundable deposit if you are offered a place
  • Deadline for bookings is 30th November 2022.

How does it work?

The 4 face to face weekends (including one longer 5 day retreat) will be dedicated to getting to know each other and certain physical aspects of yoga, best taught in this environment.  The online weekends will consist of morning meditation on the Saturday at 7am and a yoga class between 8 and 10am, outlining specific aspects of the physical practise. Then there will be a break, after which there is a lecture at 11am for an hour which is interactive. Thereafter you will be requested to break out into groups and follow up on the lecture together and come together again at 4pm for another yoga class and 8pm for meditation, with a break at 6pm for supper. The Sunday is a repetition of the above, but we finish after 10am. You will need to be sure to be undisturbed during the time you are on the course. In the weeks between us meeting up you will have an individual and a group assignment to complete and submit as well as a tutor call to iron out any issues that may arise and help deepen your understanding of the topics. You will need to allow approximately 10 hours per month for the assignments.

You will be continuously supported and assessed not only on your physical asana but also on your understanding and engagement in all topics.

This course is inclusive and is open to yoga practitioners of all abilities, irrespective of race, creed or age.

All profits go to the Teen Yoga Foundation, a charity which promotes yoga for young people across the world.



Charlotta Martinus  is the Course Director and CEO of Universal Yoga and has had the privilege of being trained byleaders in the field of yoga therapy and yoga; Michael Lee of Phoenix Rising Yoga in the USA, Mukunda Styles, author of Structural Yoga, father of yoga therapy, Heather Mason, CEO of the Minded Institute, author and editor of Yoga Therapy for Mental Health, Dr Uma Krishnamurti  from Bangalore, India and she has the blessing of being continuously guided by her own teacher in India, Swami Govindananda, where she continues to take courses and learn, particularly the philosophy of yoga.  Charlotta has graduated over a thousand graduates from her Teenyoga course and 70 graduates from the UYTTC which has been running since 2015. She has taught yoga since 2004 and practised since 1997, she has been a yoga therapist since 2013 when she started at Callington Road hospital, working with sectioned patients.

Her main interest is the impact yoga can have on mental health. She comes from the Sivananda tradition. She is also a Yoga Elder in the Independent Yoga Network and a Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals. Her book, TeenYoga for Yoga Therapists came out in 2018 and has sold over 2000 copies. She writes regularly for Om magazine and Yoga Journal Australia, USA and UK and speaks nationally on BBC radio and TV. Charlotta is the founder and director of Universal Yoga. In 2020 she was awarded the prestigious award of Master of Yoga in 2020 by the Yoga Alliance International. (One of 30 in the world and the first woman in Europe).

Rebekah Abhaya

Rebekah is an experienced Senior Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist, with experience spanning over the past 25 years. Rebekah has been teaching on the Universal Yoga 200hr Teacher Training course since 2015 and has previously been a guest teacher on the Teen Yoga Teacher Training course.

Rebekah shares her passion of Yoga with people from all walks of life and believes in creating Yoga experiences that are inclusive for all. Her experience includes work with children and teenagers, families, and adults. As a Yoga Therapist Rebekah has specific focus in working with young people who have additional needs and/ or are experiencing challenges with their mental health.

Rebekah’s commitment to the practise of Yoga touches all aspects of her busy family life, one of her passions is connecting the teachings of the ancient Vedic texts to our modern day lives, which she believes is a pathway to living consciously with a reverence and gratitude for life. Yoga is the art of living well.

Bringing knowledge and experience Rebekah works intuitively to guide you on your journey, passionately combining traditional Hatha Yoga with intuitive somatic exploration and embodiment, whilst weaving gems of Vedic philosophy throughout. Rebekah teaches in a way which feels held, yet spacious and invitational. The invitation is to come and be, exactly as you are, as we open to the clarity and light of our own innate wisdom through the practise of Yoga.