Most of the time these days I feel like my life is being carried on the crest of a wave, one sharp turn after another, crashing then lifting again, disappointment after surprise.

When we are able to step outside from the tumultuous roller coaster ride of emotions, it can be relieving! For many years I thought this was what yoga could bring me, a relief from emotions.

We can watch our wonderful ride of life. But watch for too long I become detached, numb, depressed, isolated – so in we dive again, into the grief, the joy and the melancholy, because we can, because it is why we are here – to be vulnerable, to feel, to BE!

No experience is bad and none is good, they simply ARE.

Be here now! as Eckhart Tolle says, know that you can watch and witness and not get involved, but also how delicious to dive into the feeling of being alive!