Last week, I experienced what may well be many business’ ultimate nightmare, I was told that the council would shut me down imminently because of the traffic coming and going from our Yoga Centre.

Now, with a few breaths and a bit of meditation, it became clear that this may not be as dramatic or as “bad” as it seems.

Maybe it is time to do something else, maybe its time to move on, maybe this is the Universe telling me not to value effort and the past as some lasting thing, everything passes.. be flexible, see the good… having extended myself over four years and spent thousands of pounds on lawyer fees, several refused planning applications and other advice, trying to build the business up and to find resolutions to the parking issue, maybe it was time to give up the fight?

The doubt was there, one last effort, I will tell the students and let them decide, was this worth saving? I will contact the local MP, will he help? I hand it over to Grace, God, the Universe……. my effort is spent.

The response was miraculous! with over 100 responses, on facebook and email, tender and heart opening messages of love and community, email after email, tears ran down my cheeks as people’s experiences were laid bare….how yoga had carried them through tough times, through bereavement, through cancer, through loss and pain.. the heartfelt plea sent from people living several hundred miles away who had been here on retreat…our MP must have been very busy in the last few days opening emails from our students!

With renewed vigour, I realised yet again, it is not I or we who offer yoga, yoga offers itself to suffering and heals suffering on so many levels. This is not about doership, about who is the doer, who is the receiver, it is about fulfilling dharma in this lifetime of providing a space for people to heal whether it is profitable or not, whether it is easy or not, whether it suits me or not… it is my dharma and the dharma of all the yoga teachers, to offer what we know for the peace of the individual and like threads of cotton, each individual is turned into a thread of silk, to weave the most beautiful silken cloth, which is our community, a community of peace.

Om Tat Sat