As we speak, I am in sitting in a very clean cafe in the very clean city of Karlskrona (Sweden) drinking a clean veg smoothie surrounded by happy shiny beautiful people. Being part of a culture (Sweden) which takes trust, compassion, connection for granted is a beautiful experience. Everyone I speak to speaks back to me like they have known me all their life, like I am a long lost relative.. It strikes me that where there is trust, there is beauty, clarity and above all a deeply relaxed state – the relative absence of fear, greed, covetousness and hatred causes the individual to dive deeper into their own wellbeing.

I watch my children release physically and emotionally here, as they run from house to house, through fields, forests and into the sea with abandon, with the total trust that there is nothing or no one to be afraid of. That wherever they are someone is watching out for them, taking care of them. If one neighbour is eating ice cream, all the kids in the neighbourhood are eating the same ice cream. Inclusion is the norm.

The recent events in Norway has propelled a greater sense of love, solidarity and appreciation of the value of the society that exists in Scandinavia as a whole too. I value a society which is tolerant, accepting, compassionate and forgiving. My prayer is that these values also permeate the rest of the world.

As Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see!”, start with your neighbourhood, and watch the values spread through your community too. You are the catalyst, your life and values are an inspiration to others!