Going to see my father again this weekend, I became aware of a few of the other women and men there who often call for their mothers or simply say gently “My mother is coming to see me today”. One man, said with a glint in his eye, “My mum is going to give me a good kick up the bum when she realises what I’ve done!”

To these 80, 90 and 100 year old dignified humans, one an ex-general, another a lawyer, another a carpenter, their mothers are all they remember, they yearn for their mother’s embrace, their mother’s acceptance, their mother’s love. Through years of hard work, contributing to society, holding families and friendships together, through war and hardship, through weather-beaten adult life – they all come back to their mothers.

I think sometimes it is hard to realise the importance and power of our love in our children’s early life. It is hard to realise that it is the mother’s love which carries us through our difficult times into our late life and to our death bed, even though we left a long time ago.

So, it is not hard to connect with the concept or feeling of the DIvine Mother, the eternal mother energy, as personified by Kali, SHakti, Lakshmi, Mary, Freya or any other tradition.

When we connect to our Divine Mother or our own mother, we connect to a never-ending flow of unconditional love, protection and forgiveness, which, lets face it, we could all do with now and again!

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