Today is Valentine’s day – a day of love and loving.

How do we create a loving perception? What needs to happen for us to melt into love away from criticism, judgment and fear?

In my experience the aspect of yoga which is the most powerful is Yoga Nidra, this sublime method of relaxing the body, nervous system and breath through visualisation. It seems to bring a long-lasting state of internal spaciousness and rest, which allows you to witness emotions, reactions and other people in a loving and detached way.

I believe that we live in a world of stress, anxiety and fear, along with high expectations of ourselves and our partners which leads to a highly strung, sometimes neurotic and highly critical reaction. Our adrenalin is constantly pumping, thanks to coffee, tea and sugar.

But, I guess the good news is that Yoga is the antidote to all of this- a good relaxation and a detached view really helps us to manage our lives and others with a loving perception, which, in the end, benefits everyone.

So, relax, chill, breathe in the sunshine and feel the love flow through you!

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