When we fall in love, we feel we merge with another, physically and spiritually, that we are no longer alone, separate or uncared for.

This is a seductive state. Somewhere deep inside we know we are one, like a distant dim memory, we remember one-ness, we know it is our true state – everything seems to flow, we zone out, we lose our pain, suffering and worries in the moment of love.

And then… separation occurs again, the other criticises, judges, steps away from you and you feel once again alone, separate, in pain. Some people do anything to feel the union again, to numb the pain of separation; alcohol, drugs, multiple partners, chocolate, even exercise…

WHat is this longing, memory, recognition? Is it our fantasy? Our imagination?

I have experienced, as many others have for thousands of years, that one-ness is our proper state, is our true state. In fact the molecules in our body are passing unhindered out into space, shifting, flowing, moving without recognising barriers, such as skin, matter or prejudice. On the level of physics, we are one with everything around us.

When we are following our favorite pursuit, whether it is cycling, running, swimming, reading a good book or doing yoga, we can feel that oneness, we forget our pain, ourselves, our problems seem to vanish.

Yoga means finding this unity, one way or another, the yoga we perform on our mats is only one kind of yoga, there are many other tried and tested methods to reach one-ness, meditation being one of them.

I love being in love, to me it is my natural state. I love losing myself in another person and being drunk with that longing and desire.

But the good news is that we are all constantly in a one-ness state, in an ocean of bliss and love, we just shield ourselves from it because we like to hold onto our identity, our differences, our separatenesss, it makes us feel special. We like to identify ourselves with the barriers which keep us apart, our body, our skin, our nationality, our neighbourhood, our family. It feels safe.

Maybe we could be a little happier and a little more content if we allowed ourselves to ponder just for a few minutes every day, the oneness of the energy that flows through everything.

Be in love with life!

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