The celebration over the death of Osama Bin Laden, is slightly perturbing to me. Can we really ever “kill the enemy”. Who is our enemy? Really?

When I started meditating, the words that seemed to guide me were “kill the enemy”, in this case the ego. With time, I have realised that I can never “kill the enemy” – the best I can hope to do is make friends with it, understand it and witness it. There was a clear dividing line between my divine self and my ego, and if I wanted to lead a spiritual life, I needed to toe the divine line and reject ego. I guess, this is a little reminiscent of the Christian dualistic approach of Devil and God.

I watch the games I play from my fear, anger, disappointment and reactiveness, – sometimes I can step out and maybe even laugh at my patterns as I get on my high horse and say ” I am too busy”, or “I dont like this”, ” this needs to change”.

In my more serene moments, I am able to experience the oneness of all and feel the love connecting us and the fear that gets in the way of that love. Those moments are blessed.

If there is no bad and good, if there is nothing to be killed, suppressed or repressed, but a forgiveness, a wholeness and an acceptance, how would that be?