i have an addiction

I am addicted to something which reduces anxiety and increases confidence – triggering dopamine (satisfaction drug in the brain) and endorphins (painkiller in the brain).

It also affects how essential messages are sent in the brain (GABA). I feel more comfortable in my skin and am more sociable, maybe even more courageous.

Increasing dopamine in the brain is considered to be the most common source of addiction.(IAS 5.5.9)

One of these ways is super common and the costs are:

£25 per week or more

increased fatigue


liver disease

heart problems

dysfunctional relationships

increased cost to the NHS

(1 in 26 beds in hospitals are due to this)

another of these addictions has no running cost and will:

increase life expectancy

increase vitality

deepen relationships with others

rejuvenate the body

bring well-being and connectedness with others long-term

increase compassion

decrease disease

The second is ancient but not widely used, despite the fact that it is free. It is meditation. The first is alcohol. Which do you choose?