Which ancient fears shape you?

What would wild success look like to you?

These questions have been shooting through my brain in recent days.

I have become aware of an outer shell that I carry, that is a direct result of my own shame, sense of insufficiency and self-doubt, it is the opposite of all these things – it is confident, jubilant, cherishing and proud – it is the shell around the pearl. Who sees the pearl? Who sees the delicate, vulnerable, precious gift behind the bravado, behind the shame, the guilt and the doubt? Isn’t it courageous when we dare prize open the shell and glimpse the beauty – even more courageous those who bear their souls and wash it clean with vulnerability.

When we look at what needs to happen for this shell to crumble, for this shell to dissolve, the wisdom takes you to forgiveness, abundance and courage. When the obstacles are recognised and removed, the river runs free and deep, with a strong current, pushing, forcing the flow to connect with the ocean, urgently and beautifully.

What does your life look like, with the obstacles removed?

Mine was an open sea with dolphins and islands, I am in a comfy sailing boat, in a gentle summer breeze, people laughing on the beach, plenty of deserted spaces to be at peace, safe, warm and plenty to eat. There are a few horses on the island and they want to be ridden. Life is good!

Close your eyes and imagine your life without the obstacles you have placed in your own way!

3 thoughts on “Courage to overcome obstacles

  • following the heart…

    it is a daily, hourly, moment by moment practice

    to always endeavour, from our deepest place

    to be of service at all times, for the benefit of all

    to be honest with ourselves, even when it is excrutiating which greatly serves our ability to know if we are following our heart or some aspect of selfishness, pride etc.

    to know our insignificance in the magnifisance of creation

    to maintain a humble attitude, even in the face of high bliss of all kinds, to simply be grateful

    more and more grateful

    to know all blessings as gifts and all tribulations as opportunities to learn what we need to know

    including if it means being broken hearted

    a tender heart is breakable, a toughened heart may be impermeable but the cost too great for those on the heart path

    just as pranayama or postures are the path of yoga practice, the path of heart is a yoga practice

    the path of the heart is a universal yoga, in that it is seen in all traditions.

    You ask for my feelings…gratitude for your questions which assist in the softening of my heart

    thank you

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