This weekend a handful of yoga enthusiasts became beacons of peace. They graduated to become yoga teachers. Through their own dedicated and disciplined practise, they transformed their passion into a profession. When we become yoga teachers, we vow to dedicate our life to embodying peace, transmitting light and hope to those around us.


The process is one of self-care to empathy, discipline to integrity, trusting in the flow of life.


The positivity that comes from practising yoga is rooted in the experience that I can shift my own physical and mental and spiritual state from lethargy and darkness into light by a series of specific introspective techniques, weeding out the nonsense and focussing on helpful, supportive thought patterns.


We need to be subtly aware most of the time because a thought becomes a habit, which becomes a character which becomes a destiny.


There were 3 builders on a construction site

A woman comes up and asks – what are you doing?

The first builder replies:

I am building a church to earn enough to eat

The second replies

I am building a church to feed my family


The third replies

I am building a church to honour the Divine in each of us.


We all get up and do our daily chores, but what is our focus, what is our intention with our actions? The intention behind our actions determines how we feel and how others perceive us and ultimately the satisfaction we feel with our own life.


As yoga teachers, our intention is to be world leaders, leaders in peace