Layer by layer, tension dissipates with yoga. This is the way it works. Our body releases, our mind releases, our intellect releases its need to control, to understand, our heart releases its need to protect and finally our soul shines with divine brightness.

This is why meditation and yoga become addictive, it is a process of falling in love with yourself on a daily basis, which becomes the same as falling in love with the world!
Om tat sat

One thought on “falling in love

  • my life changed ovrineght. I’ve been practicing yoga for 16 years now, but in the last two I joined the Kundalini yoga community. Two days after I shared the news with my teacher he came back with a book (The complete Natural Medicine Guide to Breast Cancer written by his teacher Sat Dharam Kaur), recorded guided meditation and words of wisdom. One way or the other he included mantras or kryas in our class that had to do with my situation. The mantra Sa Ta Na Ma as well Ra Ma Da Sa are in my daily practice as well. I am so greatfull for having these wonderful people around me, giving me strenght and support through my journey. Your article was one of the many coincidences that’ve been hapening to me since April 28 and I will make sure to use the mantra while going through what is ahead of me. Thak you for sharing your story!Sat NamJaikar Kaur

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