Why do we need our protection, our defence, our walls?

Because we don’t feel good enough? Because we don’t trust that we will be OK? Because we don’t want to get hurt? By what? By who? How can someone hurt me, if I am immortal, if my spirit lives on, and this body is an adjunct, a function, to allow us to live this life this time? Because of fear?

Our defences, our armour protect our ego, our sense of who we are, the image we want to project onto the world. If we stop wanting to project anything onto the world, if we no longer care about how others see us, in the total knowledge that whoever we are, we are OK, we are good enough, we are amazing! What happens then?

When you see a baby, defenceless, newborn, what happens?
Your heart opens and you want to offer it all it could possibly need.

What happens when you see someone on their deathbed, afraid and defenceless, finally aware of the lack of control over their life?
Your heart goes out to them, you want to hold their hand, give them a glass of water.

When we are defenceless, maybe that is when our needs are met more than at any time.

When our protection is down, then loving perception is all there is. Then true communication and giving can take place.

When we flow, without effort, towards the source of one-ness and togetherness, fearlessly, we feel all our needs are met, all our desires fulfilled, we see the world full of abundance and love.

Let go of the perception you have of yourself, let go of your tension over who you want to be, what you would like to achieve, and maybe we can start to accept others just as they are, and accept life just as it is and accept ourselves just as we are. Effortlessly.

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