How often do we do something inside that we are ashamed of on the outside. A thought, a private action? What if all these thoughts and actions were visible? How quickly would we shift then? How relaxing would it be to be completely congruent, transparent. It strikes me that our karma would play out quicker if we stopped believing we were in control. This little ego who gets things out of proportion. Is it possible to let it go and surrender to the greater unfolding of this life?

Our addiction to the physical plane is a hallmark of our lives. I think it exhausts us. Every Friday, when I fast, I notice how pleasurable it is to get a greater perspective. To notice how the body and the mind benefit from taking a break for a day. Otherwise, it is only when we sleep, do we get a break from the identification with this body and this mind. When we start to practise yoga, we are able to step away from the dictatorship of the intellect and the body and recognise the greater movement of life through us. It is relaxing to me to realise that our logic, our reason, our body are not sovereign over our lives but rather life itself, the greater force of joy, love and magnificence that pours through us and flows, to delight us with surprising experiences again and again.