Sometimes living on my own with my two boys, I reflect that I may feel lonely or apart from the rest of the world, unable to leave the house as they sleep, no close neighbouring houses. However, with the yoga centre, literally running out of my old garage, dozens of people come and go all day. Some of them have been students for so long, that they pop their head around the door and say hello, or have a tea with us. Some bring jam, lettuce, plums or some other kind of offering from this abundant land we live in!

This yoga community makes me and my children feel like we are never ever alone. As I sit here, I am aware of six people enjoying partner yoga next door, and soon, Rachel the teacher will drop the key on the table in the kitchen and whisper a jolly “G’night!”

I have never felt so much belonging and so much caring from so many at one time.

This brings me peace of mind, joy, contentment and a sense of abundance of support. I know that this is partly why people come here to Universal Yoga, because they too want to taste their belonging and recognise their part in this huge family.

Maybe this is why facebook and twitter are so successful, because we can tap into our community, even if they are a thousand miles away – our people, our tribe, our belonging. But I guess the weird thing is, the belonging is universal. I think we are wrong when we say we belong to a belief system, a nationality, a root system, a group, as soon enough we find we belong to the most unlikely of people, in the most unlikely of situations, because we are all people together on the planet.

When I experience that belonging, the unconditonal love that permeates the world around us, there is nothing else necessary.

I go to bed with a light heart full of gratitude!

Good night family!

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