As my dear close friend was listening to my stories about Brazil, she convinced me to write about it, so here goes.

Maybe its the heat, maybe its being away from home and the business, maybe its the adventure of travelling or maybe spending time with my youngest son ( who does not get much of a look-in!), but the Brazil trip was a bit of an epiphany for me.

If you don’t know me, I spent ten days in Brazil with my ten year old over Easter. Normally I spend all of my free time running my yoga business in the UK.

So, to get away from the responsibility of the business and family was quite a relief, to say the least.

On my arrival in Brazil, the first thing that hit us (literally) was the wall of tropical heat. Standing outside the airport, it took some getting used to, the 6pm, oppressive 32 degree heat, as we stood in our jeans and jumpers off an air-conditioned ten hour flight.

The next sensation, was the smell, just outside the airport and before Rio, there is an ENORMOUS favela (slum village) where the sewage runs straight out into the river, of which you become acutely aware in the heat..

Our next sensation was cool stone floors of the hotel and the kind smiling owner.

Morning meditation was a breeze, as jet lag made a 430am start easy!

Out I tiptoed onto the terrace, and sat under my sheet, enveloped in bougainvillia, honeysuckle and banana trees, to meditate, “Om Namo Narayana” quietly repeating in my head as it had done daily and automatically for over ten years ….when, suddenly, out of the tired and repetitive mantra came a voice loud and clear ” Du ar min basta van, varna om Dig..” which means “You are my best friend, take good care of yourself” in my mother tongue, Swedish. This short, easy sentence changed my whole perspective. An epiphany. Treating myself with the utmost respect of a long lost and eternal loyal best friend, I found old repeated mental thought patterns dropped away replaced by caring, kind and compassionate thoughts; a salve for my shame, guilt and self-punishment.

My own best friend? The one I could always rely on? The one who was always by my side, throughout.. The one who would comfort, cajole and dig deep with me.. was always with me, was guiding me.

I have a funny feeling it is the nearly 40 metre tall statue of Jesus the Redeemer that had spoken to me and the energy of this much revered statue permeated my whole being and purged me and showered my soul clean. That’s what it felt like.

After this, the city and the country opened me up to pleasure, joy, spontaneity and fun.

Brazil unburdened me and fed me all the fruits under the sun and the best pastries ever! Like the eternal Mother, this country led me to my own joy through nourishing my soul.

After that my asana (yoga) practise became spontaneous, fun, easy and joyful. Aftere ach practise I felt like jumping up in the air and dancing, the tension was dropping away like ripe fruit off the tree. I was free! I am free!

I hope that you find the way to your own best friend, to your own forgiveness and to your own truth sooner rather than later. Walk tall, take care of yourself and your best friend!