Letting go of the agenda

without an agenda

What are the secret agendas that drive us?

Wanting the new job, the new car, the new home, the new boyfriend/husband/partner?

Wanting my kids to be successful, do well at school, be popular!

Wanting my business to thrive and more people to come to yoga!

Wanting the sun to shine and my body to lose weight!

Wanting my yoga practise to shine…

How would life be without the agendas?

Could we live our lives in harmony, seizing the opportunities as they arose, letting go of manipulations of others in order to achieve our goals and letting go of our children in faith that they will turn out OK?

The agendas, are what blinds us to the gift of the present…

Enjoy now, watch your life unfold and let the future be!

Om shanti lovely people


The transition into another place, another being, another way of seeing is painful and stressful I find, am I getting old?

I find a million ways of getting out of doing what needs to be done. I have another tea, I go for a walk, pet the cat, everything except what needs to be done, what is staring me in the face. This is the dance.

Then – BAM! the tax is done, we have stopped smoking, we lost the weight, we have taken the step, a shift has happened.. but it needed the procrastination, it needed the dance to happen gradually all in its own special time.

Everything is as it should be and everything is shifting just at the right pace, can we trust that? What a relief!


be brave!

Being brave isn’t always what you think, is it? It is not necessarily jumping off a bridge or performing some amazing feat, it can be as simple as coming to a yoga class.

For me, being brave is dropping into my heart, opening up to the most vulnerable part of myself and allowing my deepest yearnings to be heard.

I find this is only possible, when I feel completely balanced, safe and in tune. And this only occurs for me during meditation, yoga or in the psychotherapy session.

That moment, when the critical voice takes a break and the deepest desire makes itself heard is precious, when I am truly alive.

In yoga there is an interesting concept of the three Gunas: Tamas, Rajas and SAttwa.

Tamas equates to the lethargic, rotting, fermentation aspect of Nature, so winter is a tamasic time..

Rajas is movement, noise, bright colours, spicy food, like Spring.

Sattwa is purity, stillness, awareness, astute consciousness.

We often move from one to the other, they are intertwined and rely on each other. We need someone to kick us off the sofa in order to go for a yoga class, when we have arrived at the yoga class, we need to do a few sun salutations before we feel that acute stillness, Sattwa.

It is in this state of Sattwa we are directly connected to God, or pure consciousness, or your own wisdom, however you choose to see it.

This moment is precious. This is when you are truly alive to your own life, to your lies, your evasions and your misconceptions and the path of truth and freedom avails itself gently and without effort. For some people this means a gentle awakening to an aspect of their life, a solution to a problem or simply a deeper devotion to their current path.

I truly hope you commit to coming to yoga or doing the meditation course, so that this Sattwic state of mind can become more and more part of your daily life and you can live more closely according to your calling, your vocation, your yearning.

Be Brave – Practise yoga!