The best advice I ever had for preparation for Autumn and Winter was from an Ayurvedic Doctor –

-those with itchy eyes, dab the eyes with rosewater before bed.

-Warm the heart and soul with warm milk and cinnamon, black pepper, nutmeg(pinch), cardamom, and saffron. If you have a lot of mucus, do it with half water.

– Every morning, massage yourself (for about 15 minutes) with sesame oil if you are a flighty person, olive oil if you are a passionate person or if you have a tendency to get quite angry, use coconut oil; massage gently the whole body, including between toes, face and circular movements around the tummy. If your skin is like mine, it will suck up the oil, it will stop clicking joints and feel warming into the bone. I don’t wash it off, as the skin absorbs it completely, but you may like to have your warm shower 15 minutes after the oil “bath”. This is known as Abhyanga and is a very common and delicious practise of self-love from India and the Ayurvedic tradition.

-My other piece of advice to vegetarians and women is Floradix, a wonderful product full of minerals often missing in our veg these days and also with your complete daily iron intake! What is more, it is absolutely delicious, if a little expensive. You can get it from most Health Food shops.

– Warming foods also are a must this time of year, avoid salads and go for stews, hotpots and soups. There will be more recipes going on my wall shortly which are recommended for the Autumn and Winter.

Keep in mind, we need to ground this time of year, so look to root vegetables, walks and yoga nidra to help you through and to avoid exhaustion !

Take good care of your bodies and the mind will take care of itself!

Om Shanti!