I have spent the last few weeks Summer-cleaning the house, several bin bags of toys, clothes and furniture have found their way to the charity shop and into friends possession. I know you know as well as I do the far-reaching effects of clearing out the clutter – it stretched to pulling down a wall which was no longer necessary, the day after the wall came down, I won £75 on the Premium Bonds – a coincidence? Maybe, except the next day, I received two beautiful flowers in pots, a gazebo and some more unexpected money as well as three new teachers keen to teach here – as the clutter goes, energetically we make space for the new – energy, people, money, abundance. It made me aware that we need to let go in order to receive, we need to die a little to live again, we need to accept the ever changing nature of our life and realise we cannot hold onto things from the past. How many times have we held onto shame, fear, guilt or blame from the past only to find that the other person cannot even remember that we did them wrong (or that they did us wrong?)!!

So, give yourself a break, create some space not only in your body through yoga practise but also in your life and home, by throwing out the old stuff – my principle generally is that if it has not been used throughout a 12 month period, then get rid of it, someone out there will be looking for exactly what you no longer want! Do them a favour and pass it on. Similarly, forgive past failings and wrongdoings – it is not as difficult as it sounds.

Did you hear the man on the radio today who had been shot at in Texas – he lost an eye – and whose potential murderer was sentenced to death? The victim was campaigning for the man to be forgiven and freed! If he can forgive and campaign for the liberation of his potential murderer, who are we able to forgive? Why do we hang on to these energy sapping old wounds when our soul and our body just want to be whole and heal again?

Pull down the walls, throw out the stuff, let the new come in and above all – forgive!
And watch abundance flow into your life….
with all my love